Dave’s corner (Center for Digital Humanities leader academic programmer) is in the lab!

Tuesdays, 2-3:15 PM, in 2118 Rolfe Hall: Work with David Shepard (PhD), UCLA’s Lead Academic Programmer at the Center for Digital Humanities for special technology workshops.

Info: Dave’s Corner is a new workshop series led by Dave Shepard, CDH’s lead developer. Each session focuses on a particular topic in digital humanities technology or programming. Students, faculty, and staff involved in any aspect of the digital humanities, or anyone who’s just curious, is welcome to join.

Most of us are familiar with networks from social networking sites like Facebook, but how can networks help us understand literature? Among other things, visualizing relationships between characters as networks can shed light on characters’ interactions and their roles in the stories, which are not immediately apparent from the text. We will examine relationships between characters in Hamlet as an introduction to network analysis in literary study. Through studying Hamlet, attendees will learn to use Gephi, a popular network analysis program.

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