Getting Started with Topic Modeling 1

Sarah experiments with highly specialized topic modeling tools.

Explanations and How-Tos

Zoe Borovsky’s slides: “Topic Modeling: Now What?” (includes links to spreadsheets and examples)

Getting Started with Topic Modeling and MALLET, by Shawn Graham, Scott Weingart, and Ian Milligan

Topic Modeling for Humanists: A Guided Tour, by Scott B. Weingart

Topic Modeling Made Just Simple Enough, by Ted Underwood

A panel on topic modeling at the DH 2012 conference featured some accessible, useful presentations (which you can watch on video) by Robert K. Nelson, David Mimno, and Travis Brown.

A slide presentation on topic modeling by Dave Shepard and Zoe Borovsky.

David Blei lecture on topic modeling.


Computational Historiography: Data Mining in a Century of Classics Journals, by David Mimno

Mining the Dispatch, by Rob Nelson

Topic Modeling Martha Ballard’s Diary, by Cameron Blevins